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Authentic RKC Kettlebells
I have always been into health and fitness.  I had been lifting weights off and on for years.  I did EAS's Body for Life back in 98 when it was still called Body of Work.  I thought the bodybuilding way of weight lifting was the only way.  From being an avid reader of Muscle Media I stumbled upon the writings of Pavel Tsatsouline.  Then everything, and I mean everything changed.

In the year 2001, I bought a book called Power to the People and I was strictly amazed at what I had found.  It was a perfect match for me.  All my life I grew up feeling a little disconnected with modern living.  I think cars from the 20’s & 30’s look better than today’s cars, I prefer Big Band music and Ragtime over Rock & Roll (don’t get me wrong, I love Rock-n-Roll).  I love movies from that era.  Why can’t ocean liners still look like Titanic and Queen Mary?  Isn’t Art Deco better than IKEA?  That’s me.  So, why shouldn’t I train with weights old school style?

Authentic Russian Kettlebells

Power to the People is a simple, refined approach to building true functional strength without putting on a ton of muscle.  Yet there is the option to get pretty big too!  I followed this program to the letter for almost 2 years and learned how to control my body to elicit strength I never though I had.  As a kid growing up, I was small and believed I was weak.  I was picked on and called specific parts of female anatomy quite frequently.  My mistake was believing it.  I have fought with the image of that frightened little boy standing in the batters box praying the pitch will be too low or too high because I believed I wasn't strong enough to really wack that ball.  Power To The People helped me build physical strength and some much needed emotional strength as well.  Finally a program that allows me to train Old-School!  I loved it and I recommend it as often as possible.  I think it's a perfect program for anybody and any body, whether you've been lifting for 25 years of 25 minutes, you will gain much from this book.  Man or Woman.  Strength in body, mind, spirit and heart.

In the back of my copy of "Power to the People" was an add for another one of Pavel's little gems.  Russian Kettlebells.  Cast Iron cannon ball looking things with handles.  At the time they came in 3 sizes, 35, 53, and 70 pounds.  This was back in 01.  Hmmm...  I thought.  I looked at that add for 5 years and every time thought, Hmmmm...?

One day down at Venice Beach I met a guy who had a few and was training with them.  I asked him if I could pick one up.  He said OK.  The moment my hand wrapped around the handle, I knew I had entered into a new era of strength training for myself.  It was like the clouds parted on the sun shined a little brighter.  Angels singing in the background and other imaginary nonsense.  That night I ordered a 35 pound Kettlebell and the book, "Enter The Kettlebell" and have never looked back.  In the few years since starting, I have dropped a bunch of unwanted body fat with out any strict diets (just normal healthy eating), my endurance has improved 10 fold, my heart is stronger and this former asthmatic smoker can breath deeply again.  I stopped smoking back in 02.  I conquered that addiction cold turkey and after swinging a Kettlebell for a few minutes and feeling the deep rush of endorphins, I realized this little high was way better than nicotine!  So yes Kettlebells are addictive as they do have a very serious and yet highly positive effect on brain chemistry.

Here's a little before and after...  this is a real before and after by the way, not one of those muscle supplement adds with spray on abs, good lighting and a little "photoshop".  These pictures are about 2 years apart.

Notice, the muffin top and A-cup man boobs.  Jack Daniels played a small roll in the production of the photo...  the below photo is the same beach, different tree, 22 months later...

No man boobs, no muffin top.  Kettlebells be praised! 

Now here's an important point to be made here.  Yes, I am a little vein, but really who isn't just a little?  We're human beings.  This minor transformation is however a residual effect of finding a training tool that I enjoy, have fun with AND it makes me lean, strong, and healthy.  If I, or anyone is committed to living a pure life, Pura Vida, we must recognize that whoever our personal higher power is, our body is a reflection of that as well as a manifestation of the wonders of this universe.  God has made man in His image.  We must respect, care for and nurture the vehicle we will be using for this journey we call life.

Now the choice is yours...  you've seen the video and read my testimony.  Are you now thinking "Hmmmm?"  Don't wait the 5 years like I did.  Order Kettlebells today.  There is nothing more versatile.  Click the link and do the research for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

What the best way to get started?  Decided to give Kettlebells a try?

For the Gentlemen:
Russian Kettlebell Quick Start Kit

For the Ladies:
Kettlebell Goddess Women's Workout DVD

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