The Pura Vida Company
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In Costa Rica, Pura Vida means Pure Life.  This Website is about living a pure life.  Living Pura Vida...

Who are you and what is your purpose?  For me, I believe I am here to help others achieve great things for themselves.  I am here to introduce you to new things and ideas that may change how you see the world and yourself.  I am here to encourage Pura Vida.  Pure Life, Pure Living, Pure in Spirit, Pure in Self.  Explore the site and explore your self.  Grow and become a stronger human being.  Strength of Body, Mind and Spirit.  Here we train for a strong body, mind and spirit from the outside in.  Through development of the body, challenging the physical limits and pushing through our own mental road blocks we forge our mind and will.  By pressing forward and learning to trust in the higher powers.  To re-connect our spirit with the Universal Source of all energy and life.  That is strength through Pura Vida. 
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